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Digital Torque Tester

Technical Features / Use:

  • Specialized torque testing equipment designed for testing various mechanical torque wrenches.
  • Simple, accurate and cost-e?ective torque tester for performing in house calibration test.
  • High speed data reading (2400 run/sec)
  • RS-232 communication port is included for the output of reading to PC.
  • Six torque units available for application(Lb-ft, Lb-in, N-m,N-cm, kg-m, kg-cm)
  • As a standard, all transducers are calibrated in a clockwise direction with a traceable calibration certi?cate.
  • Quality meets BS7882:1997 standard with the accuracy of +-5% of reading over the 20%-100% of full scale.
  • With three operating modes: “Track” displays the live value’ “Peak” records the highest value and “First Peak” records the ?rst peak of torque.
  • Under “First Peak” mode, the “light signal” and “Buzzer” indicate the testing completion and testing return to zero.
  • Memory function can display the 4 previous readings taken by the operator. There’s no need to stop and write after each reading.


Model No. N.m Accuracy Resolution Input Square Output Square Operarting temperature Storage temperature Base material/finish LxWXH G
BS-7718-6 2-60Nm +/- 0.5% 0.001 10mm 1/4,3/8,1/2 +5°C-40°C +0°C-70°C Aluminium alloy / Painting 210x150x140mm 7700
BS-7718-4 8-400Nm +/- 0.5% 0.01 22mm 3/8,1/2,3/4 +5°C-40°C +0°C-70°C Aluminium alloy / Painting 210x150x140mm 8100
BS-7718-15 100-1500Nm +/- 0.5% 0.1 36mm 3/4 +5°C-40°C +0°C-70°C Aluminium alloy / Painting 210x150x140mm 8900
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